Sky in Love 'n the Ice

by Alison Rasmussen

Sky in Love 'n the Ice, originally uploaded by alington.
Peak's Woods Sky (white skin) wanted a chance to try out the newest DollHeart outfit, too. So we did some clothes swapping. She's wearing the long blonde wig--she really makes an excellent blonde, I think. (Maybe I need a high quality wavy blonde wig from DollHeart--they are my favorite!)

The outfit is called Love 'n the Ice. At first, I thought it sort of had a pirate theme--now, I think it's more saloon girl. Lots of great details, with the grommets, beads, cameos and tassels.

Also, since these photos were taken, I have sanded down every last one of Sky's seam lines. (She came with quite a few, and I've had her since April.) And what a difference does that make! I started with wet/dry sandpaper--at a 220 grit size--and worked (wet to minimize dust) in very small circles (not pressing too hard), up to finer paper (320, 400 and 600 grit), so I wouldn't leave scratch marks or leave her shiny. She looks much better, sealed now with Mr. Superclear UV Cut and is ready for blushing, which I will start today!