New BJD - Youth Dollmore Eve- Fine

by Alison Rasmussen

A new SD-sized (Youth) ball-jointed doll is available from Dollmore, Eve - Fine. Her name means "the flowers bloom." She stands 57 cm tall (about 22.5 inches). Her base price of $440 includes:

  • no make-up head
  • assembled normal body
  • 16 mm random acrylic eyes
  • random wig
  • white petticoat
  • certificate of authenticity
  • cushion, box
Additional items available:

  • face-up (default or custom is listed at $55)
  • body blushing ($55)
  • sanding service ($65)
Also, Dollmore offers to switch out the "random" wig and eyes for the wig and eyes you prefer, when you state so in the comments section of your order.

I have to confess, I am quite taken with this girl's face. She's lovely! I'll need to add a Dollmore sculpt to my collection very soon!