Considering Bobobies as a first BJD

by Alison Rasmussen

If you're considering entry into the BJD world, let me recommend Bobobie as your first doll. Here are a couple of reasons:

  1. Price. I know, I shouldn't even bring this up, since it's kind of a taboo subject among doll collectors. But if you don't want a heavy investment, this is a great starter doll to see if you like them. You can get a tiny resin doll (14.5 cm) starting at just $68 without a face-up, and an extra $10 for the face-up. Larger sizes all also available--up to 70 cm--all at very competitive prices.
  2. Versatility. If you already collect dolls, Bobobies are some of the few who can share outfits with them. Isabella (and other 27 cm sculpts) can wear some Barbie clothes. Lan (40 cm) can wear Tyler Wentworth (Tonner Doll) clothing. It's great to be able to swap wardrobes with other dolls.
  3. Quality. Their price point for the quality is very good. The dolls I have so far have not required sanding--I haven't needed to sand a single seam line, which is amazing. I did need to tighten the elastic in Lan when I first got her, but that was easy. 
  4. Construction. It's really a snap to change Lan's eyes and also Isabella's. The way they are sculpted makes it easy. These girls really seem great for beginners (and more seasoned collectors, too).
  5. Customization. The dolls are perfect for customization. When you are ready to get into customization, these dolls lend themselves easily to blushing, sueding and even to face-ups.  Head and body swaps are easy. Plus, your initial (relatively) low investment makes them much less scary to work on than a more expensive doll.
  6. Dealers often carry them in stock. This way, if you are impatient, you don't have to wait for three months for their arrival. (Some of us are more impatient than others, even after all this time.)
Consider these options when considering your first doll. Sure--you should adore the face sculpt. And posing is important. I don't think my Bobobie poses quite as well as my Dollzone girls, or even as my Peak's Woods. But for the price point (and after sueding)... it's worth considering!