Tyler's 10th Anniversary Centerpiece Dolls and new UltraBasics

by Alison Rasmussen

Check out the blog for full details, but I'd be remiss to forget to post the souvenir doll and the companion doll on my blog. The event was Saturday, November 7, 2009. The two dolls:
  • A Perfect Ten (LE225), a limited edition original sculpt brown-eyed Tyler with her hair in a complicated up-do. She's wearing a gorgeous black evening gown, with one-sleeve styling, an oversized flower trim on the shoulder, and lots of gorgeous black satin ruffles and lace. A few of these are left for sale from TonnerDirect for $195.
  • It Was a Very Good Decade (LE150) is the centerpiece doll. She has flowing auburn hair and brown eyes, and is dressed in a long sleeveless gold microsequined gown with a train and a high front slit. It has gold chiffon floral trim. The lining of the gown is a contrasting purple for some fun interest. Tyler is wearing matching gold beaded jewelery and strappy gold sandals. These are available for sale from TonnerDirect for $295.
Also available as event souvenirs was a limited edition book, Tyler Wentworth Tenth Anniversary Album by Tom Courtney and a silver rhinestone pin.

Plus, I'm pleased to see the announcement of the upcoming UltraBasic Mei Li was also made at the event, though no date or edition size has yet been announced on the blog. The retail is $59.99, and Mei Li is available for sale now. Sydney and Esme are also listed, but they will be available to order on November 11.

Updated Monday, November 9, 2009.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.