New Christmas exclusive YoSD dolls from DollHeart

by Alison Rasmussen

Visit your favorite DollHeart dealer today, and pre-order your special limited edition YoSD doll, just in time for Christmas. There are two dolls being offered.

The limited Honey full set retails for $489, and is a LeekeWorld D-Type (26 cm) size doll. She wears a 6-6.5" wig and 14-16 mm eyes. Included with this price are:

  • hat
  • shirt
  • pants (bloomers)
  • brooch 
  • dress (possibly, her bracelets are also included)
  • shoes
  • wig
  • doll with limited edition face-up
  • eyes, 14mm (random color)
  • doll case with cushion
Additionally, for the retail price of $499, a limited edition female Hucky is also available. She's manufactured by Peak's Woods, and I think she's just adorable. She also stands about 26 cm tall, wears 6-6.5" wigs, and 14-16mm eyes. She includes:

  • hat
  • choker
  • skirt
  • two brooches
  • chemisette
  • underwear
  • bloomers
  • socks
  • bracelets (I'm pretty sure "handdress" means bracelets)
  • shoes
  • wig
  • 14mm acrylic eyes (random color)
  • doll with limited edition face-up
  • case with cushion