Morphoa and Sky in DollHeart

by Alison Rasmussen

Morphoa and Sky in DollHeart, originally uploaded by alington.
Check out Morphoa's new outfit. I bought a special new outfit--just for her--by DollHeart, called Pure Red. (Why it's called Pure Red, when only the hat is just red, escapes me.) For this photoshoot, Morphoa has gotten a new set of eyes (hazel) by Peak's Woods and is wearing a blonde Tibetan lamb wig by Michele Hardy. Sky is dressed in Alice Fantasy by DollHeart (wig also by DollHeart).

The outfit is adorable, and it has many intricate pieces. I have to admit, DollHeart outdoes itself time and again in quality. The outfit includes:
  • red hat with stuffed printed heart trimming
  • long (bell) sleeved cotton shirt with velcro closure and button front trim
  • printed collar with snap closure
  • long necklace with puff heart trim
  • triple chain belt with floral trim
  • floral print skirt with attached corset with zip closure
  • red skirt with snap closure and elegant pin tuck embellishment
  • white petticoat with lace trim
  • cotton bloomers with lace trim
  • lace socks with pom pom trim
The outfit is just lots of fun. You can see full-size photos on my Mobile Me gallery. The details are amazing!