Black Hills Doll Designs historical costumes for Tonner dolls

by Alison Rasmussen

Black Hills Doll Designs has just listed five auctions on Ebay for some fabulous and well-made historical gowns for Tyler Wentworth-sized fashion dolls and one for Ellowyne Wilde. The outfits are all auction style listings, and range from $125-210, as of the time of this post. (They will close in less than three days.) They include:

  • A slate blue Italian Renaissance gown with white chemise for Tyler
  • Catherine Parr's outfit (a Tudor-era replica, based on Henry VIII's sixth and last wife) for Tyler
  • A wonderfully full blue and black lace Civil War era gown for Ellowyne Wilde
  • An Elizabethan era gown in black and white for Tyler
  • Katherine Howard's gown (a Tudor-era replica of a Hans Holbein portrait, based on Henry VIII's wife) for Tyler