Yikes! Amazon is carrying exclusive Tonner Dolls!

by Alison Rasmussen

Tonner Doll Company is now offering two exclusive dolls through Amazon, in the Twilight series:

  • Turn Me Bella Swan - $139.99 - dressed in prom attire (by Alice), she wears a gorgeous blue chiffon dress with white embroidered shrug, black leggings, one sneaker and her leg in a cast. 
  • Twilight Edward Cullen - $139.99 - also dressed for the prom, Edward is dressed in a black suit, white button-down shirt, and wristband with a metallic pendant.
Unfortunately, edition sized aren't mentioned on either Amazon's or Tonner's website, which leads me to believe these dolls are more than likely open editions. If you're an Amazon Prime member, these items qualify for free shipping (yay!).

If you go through the links below to purchase the dolls, I receive a small percentage of the sale--like 4%. Thanks for your support!