The rumor mill at Tonner Doll...

by Alison Rasmussen

Part of any blog is to provide my readers with new information. Please don't hold me to account on any of this information--these are just rumors so far--but here are my sources.
  1. Alice in Wonderland, by Tim Burton. Apparently Tonner Doll Company has picked up the license for these dolls, according to their Facebook site.
  2. Kiss, yes, like the Gene Simmons Kiss. This is apparently in the works, according to Robert Tonner's blog--see this entry. His words, "To discuss a licensing deal." So who knows?
  3. Then--and I'm most excited about these--according to Sweetheart's Dolls, one of Tonner's dealers--there are some production dates in 2010 for the following dolls in the Lord of the Rings series: Gandalf the Grey, Legolas Greenleaf and Elrond Lord of Rivendell. Possibly scheduled for release later this year are Strider Ranger of the North and Arwen Evenstar. Wow! Though this information is too early to be confirmed.