New exclusive doll Ripley Days at Dollmore

by Alison Rasmussen

I'm a fan of Dollmore dolls, and though I don't currently own any male dolls, I have to say, Ripley Days is tempting. He's a limited edition Glamor Model doll, one of only ten created, which is reflected in his price tag of $792. Yet he is indeed quite lovely.

He includes a face-up and normal assembled body, glass eyes, wig, complete outfit (coat, shirt, blouse, necklace, hood, lace muffler, pants, cape, belt and boots), box with cushions and certificate of authenticity.

He measures pretty tall -- 75 cm or 29.5 inches tall -- and his wig size is 8-9.  Eye size is 14mm. For his edition size and height, I'd say is price is pretty good, actually.

Image courtesy of Dollmore.