Glinda - Upside Down Oz

by Alison Rasmussen

Glinda, originally uploaded by alington.
The latest addition to my collection is Glinda, a vinyl Goodreau BJD, MSD-sized, with a few mechanical joints, from the Upside Down Oz collection. She's even more lovely than the promotional photos, I think.

She's a whimsical take on the Wizard of Oz movie--she's wearing her knit shrug over a knit tank top, trimmed with chiffon ruffles. Her skirt has layers and layers of lace, sparkling tulle and crisp dupioni silk. To finish her outfit, she's wearing a strand of pink beads, and a fun pair of glittering pink boots.

Her face is a new unique sculpt--I love her blue eyes and full mouth--and she's wearing a pink wig with her hair in pony tails. So sweet!

I found mine at Sweetheart's Dolls. This is a great line for those new to BJDs and a little intimidated, since she includes everything you need right out of the box. And her price is right--retailing at just $160. See a few more full-sized photos here, on my Flickr photo stream.