Dolls Magazine Awards of Excellence

by Alison Rasmussen

The Dolls Awards of Excellence have been tallied, and they have been announced in this issue. You can read all about them in this blog entry as well. A few items of note (as they pertain to the dolls I happen to collect):

  • Gorgeous, 13", by Berdine Creedy received the award for Ball-Jointed Dolls Over $200
  • Classic Portrait Joan Crawford, 16", by Tonner Doll Company received the award for Fashion Dolls Over 12 Inches
  • Mystery Alice, 12", by Goodreau Dolls received the award for Fashion Dolls 12" and Under
  • Tea Party (Alice in Wonderland), 28", by Gregg Ortiz received the award for One-of-a-Kind Dolls, Excluding Babydolls Over $1500