My Tiny Wish List Grows...

by Alison Rasmussen

My wish list of Tiny BJDs is growing rapidly! (I really shouldn't be spending so much time on Den of Angels, browsing through the fabulous photo galleries...) Here are the current top four candidates:
  • Tiny Kai, by Elf Doll. She's a full-set, 14cm, with 3mm eyes (one of each color), a tiny womanly body, and includes her little feathered wing fairy outfit. Her feet are magnetic, and boots and bare feet are also available separately.
  • Pury Basic White, by LatiDoll. I'd order her as a full-set, with a face-up, wig and outfit. She stands 9.8 cm tall.
  • Peya (HandFairy) by DolKot. She's 16cm tall. I think I like the normal skin basic version, but I'd order her with a face-up, and an extra wig.
  • Riko by Fairy Garden. Only 10 cm tall, I like the pink skin version I think, with a face-up. Sometimes there are fun full-sets of these dolls on the website, so I may just keep my eyes open for a while.
Photos courtesy of Elf Doll, LatiDoll, DolKot and Fairy Garden.