How do you decide on a doll?

by Alison Rasmussen

When you're deciding to add a doll to your collection, what criteria do you consider? I'm having a difficult time, especially when it comes to adding another BJD to my collection.
Here's my dilemma. I'd like a tiny BJD--as small as possible. So far, the smallest I have is a 5" Goodreau Ashlyn. And I'd like this next one to be considered an ABJD. I've found a couple I think are cute, but one is twice as pricey as most others, and while the manufacturer has gotten recent positive reviews on service, but some older negative reviews (from a year ago or more).

Now--here are my considerations:
  • Height. I'd like the doll to be 6" (15 cm) or shorter
  • Look. I prefer this doll not to have overly large proportioned head.
  • The doll I like best so far looks like a miniature woman, sort of fairy-like, but I'm not married to this idea.
  • I'd like her to stand easily on her own, so probably larger feet
  • Female (or appear female)
  • Expressive face
  • Good reviews from current owners
  • I'd like to see some real-life photos of the doll, if possible.
What else should I consider? I would pay for a full-set. I'd love a sleeping face or head option, too, if that's available. Or extra hands. I don't mind paying extra. Have any favorites? Maybe I should post on Den of Angels for advice and photo requests.