Eeek! Another Alice!

by Alison Rasmussen

She's a Barbie-sized doll, or 1/6 sized, BJD by Soom, called Aren. With a face-up, her price is $310, but she's gorgeous. She wears 8mm eyes, and includes a random wig.
The outfit is also available separately, as well, if you don't collect BJDs, but are interested in Alice in Wonderland dolls. It even includes the rabbit doll. Cute!

Edit: I've decided I need this doll. Badly! Ack! She can even wear Barbie clothes. How cool is that?

Edit #2: I've also decided I have to stay away from the Den of Angels group. There are way too many cool real-life photos of dolls over there. Ack again!

Edit #3: Think I've managed to stay away from Den of Angels? Nope! I've already found two of these lovely ladies for sale. And I think I will buy her, since now my husband owes me, for editing that horrible letter for three hours this evening. Ugh. Who actually ever uses the word laryngoscope in real speech, anyway? Ick!