Doll Zone outfits available now at the Doll Market

by Alison Rasmussen

In SD sizes, MSD and YoSD (I believe), there are multiple selections available. These are pre-orders, so get your orders in soon.

Also, if you get on Doll Market's mailing list, they will often send you a coupon for $10 off your order during a particular month--"Doll Dollars." I'm not positive that these can be used towards pre-orders, but it would be worth a shot!

My current favorites:
  • Adorable Me - just love the green, plus I think that's Clovera modeling the outfit, and she's hot in a dark wig!
  • Blue Bell - for Sky, so she could match her new buddy Morphoa
  • Pearls & Lace - of course. How could I miss the adorable Alice outfit!
Lots of others are listed, too. And check out the other sizes--these are only a few listed in the SD category!
Photo collages courtesy of the Doll Market/Doll Zone.