Whisper in Cher Midnight

by Alison Rasmussen

Whisper in Cher Midnight, originally uploaded by alington.

I've swapped out Whisper's eyes with China Blossom's slightly smaller amber eyes, and they look really nice.

She's dressed in Michele Hardy's OOAK Alice in Wonderland outfit here, and is sporting a long wig, Cher in Midnight (a black wig with blue highlights). Very fun. I actually put her in the darker wig upon a request from another collector, since she's almost always a blonde in my collection, and I actually love her in the dark wig, too--especially with brown eyes!

These dolls are a lot of fun--lots of versatility for play and customization with their interchangeable eyes and wigs. I'd love to get a Peak's Woods doll at some point with different heads--sleeping and awake, as well. Maybe someday... it's on my wishlist.

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