New Chicago Comic Con Exclusives listed at Tonner Direct

by Alison Rasmussen

Two new items are listed at Tonner Direct. These aren't available for sale, yet, but I'm sure if there are items leftover from the Chicago event, they will be for sale.
  • Feline Fatale Catwoman™: a limited edition of 200, this Tonner Character Figure retails for $174.99, and features the 17" athletic body. She's wearing a purple velvet bodysuit, faux leather armbands, lace-up boots and belt, and has a cat hood and whip for accessories.
  • Quest to Avalon Lara Croft™: another 17" athletic body doll, this limited edition of 100, the price is yet to be determined, this doll is wearing a wetsuit with contrasting collar and working zippers, and includes a scuba tank. Her accessories include a faux leather belt, holsters and dual pistols.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.