A Foreign Affair Veronique, geeking out

by Alison Rasmussen

A Foreign Affair Veronique, originally uploaded by alington.

June is going to be a busy doll month for me. A ton of pre-ordered dolls are scheduled to arrive, so I have been going through my collection with the intention to sell some. I was going to sell this one, A Foreign Affair Veronique, who came in a fabulous gift set with three outfits, two pieces of luggage and lots of fabulous accessories.

After playing with her for a little while, I realized I can't part with this lovely lady. I really like her. (I think I will rinse her hair, however.) She's posing here (in her pajamas) with some Barbie accessories (the furniture and laptop) and a koi-themed tea set by Rement. You can see the other photos in the shoot in my Mobile Me gallery or on my Flickr photostream.