Sky makes her grand arrival

by Alison Rasmussen

My very first Peak's Woods doll arrived on Friday, and she's really wonderful. I just love her. She's amazingly detailed--from her fingers and toes to her lovely eyes.
She included two pairs of eyes--blue (which were set), and these hazel ones, which I prefer, and probably need to set a little better. Sky also included a random wig, which amazingly, is this long, raven-colored gorgeous wavy black number. I love it! It's full and dark, with wispy soft bangs. Very nice.

Of course, since she's an SD-sized doll (about 23" inches or 55 cm), I have nothing for her to wear. I worked on an outfit this weekend, but so far, it's not finished. I do need to get her something fabulous, I think. Or we could just change her name to "Eve."