by Alison Rasmussen

Secret (my 17" resin Goodreau BJD) and Innuendo (originally China Blossom, my 16" vinyl Goodreau BJD) have swapped outfits, and are loving it.
Both are part of my Alice in Wonderland collection, currently. Secret is wearing China Blossom's blonde wavy wig, and is dressed in an exclusive one-of-a-kind outfit handmade by Michele Hardy.

Innuendo is dressed in Come Home Alice, by Goodreau, and is wearing the black and blue Cher wig, also by Goodreau Dolls.

I think they make a lovely pair. BJDs sure are fun to play with and redress! I'll have to post some more photos later--I've changed Innuendo's wig again since I posted these photos, too. You can see the full-size photos in my Mobile Me Gallery.