Rebodied Barbie Alice with Fashion Royalty Articulation

by Alison Rasmussen

Rebodied Barbie Alice, originally uploaded by alington.

I love the look of Fashion Royalty bending wrists and super posable bodies, and I happened to have two extras from the Eden & Lilith gift set. And I saw this look on a Hershey Collector Barbie and was inthralled, so I figured I'd give rebodying a try.

I started with Barbie Collector Alice. I didn't use a hair dryer first, for fear of frizzing Alice's nylon hair. I just rolled her head in my hands for a while first, to soften her head slightly and remove it off the original body. Then, I popped her head onto a white (probably a shade too pale) Fashion Royalty body. 

Now she can pose like a fashion model! She looks a little slimmer, probably because she is a half and inch taller than she was. And this doll already had a slight bubble head. But my daughter (who owns Alice) loves her new look. Check out more photos (and before photos) of this doll in my Flickr gallery.