Pulling all the stops out... More stuff for sale!

by Alison Rasmussen

More goodies for sale on Prego from to help me with some upcoming wishlist items (plus, I lowered the prices on some of my other items):
  • White Witch of Narnia (2007 Tonner Convention, Miss Gulch sculpt)
  • Noel Angel (Daphne sculpt)
  • Au Naturel Ashleigh, Raven (nude)
  • Mistletoe Magic (Sister Dreary)
  • Sun-Kissed Sophisticate (Shauna sculpt, nude)
  • Ready for Wardrobe Joan Crawford brunette
  • NYCB Rehearsal Brunette (Emilie sculpt)
  • Shimmering Rose Jane (with pink hair!)
  • Repainted Tyler as Arwen from Lord of the Rings (outfit complete)
I also have some outfits:
  • Opera Gala
  • Hisodoll historical gown in blue velvet with blue trim
  • Mad About the Hat (from Joan Crawford collection)
  • Royal Portrait Gown from Alice in Wonderland collection
Check out my post on Prego for all the details, including my smoke-free and return policy.