Goodreau Upside Down Oz dolls...

by Alison Rasmussen

If you haven't seen these beauties, check out the new Upside Down Oz collection by Goodreau Doll. These 16"-17" tall lovelies are vinyl BJDs (very affordable, too--dressed dolls for just $160!) that are completely customizable, with removable eyes and wigs. They feature new sculpts, also.
If you've never played with a Goodreau BJD, you're in for a real treat. They are due to be released soon, I hear, but I'm not sure of the release date yet. They are available for pre-order now.
I can recommend Carolyn with Sweetheart's Dolls with flying colors! Her customer service, free shipping and excellent prices are terrific. While you're at her website, sign up for her Yahoo group as well. You'll find a great group of fellow doll collectors, as well.
Photos courtesy Goodreau Doll.