FAQ questions on Antoinette™ by Tonner Doll

by Alison Rasmussen

I just discovered this on Tonner Doll's website today--a list of frequent asked questions all about the new doll Antoinette! Visit this link to discover:
  • Antoinette™'s dimensions and measurements
  • Whether Antoinette™ can share clothing with Tyler (yes, for some items) and vice versa (no, for the most part)
  • Whether Antoinette™ can share shoes with Tyler (no, since her arch is higher and feet are bigger)
  • Whether you can swap heads with Tyler dolls (no, since the neck sizes are different)
  • Why Antoinette™ does not have a swivel waist
  • All about Antoinette™'s skin tones
  • That more facial sculpts will be added at a later date
  • When the collection will be shipping (mid-summer!)
  • That the Amusing sculpt was an introduction doll, and the production doll will be slightly different.
I'm getting really excited to see the new collection--I can hardly wait for this new doll (with her slim neck and hunching shoulders) to arrive!