Goodness and Gossamer Glinda

by Alison Rasmussen

One of my Fall/Winter pre-orders arrived today, Goodness and Gossamer Glinda. She's my first ever Glinda sculpt. I didn't realize what a happy sculpt Glinda is--she isn't quite smiling, but she is certainly cheerful. I really like her.
Her gown is gorgeous (great silhouette, silver thread shot through sky blue), though I didn't get any great shots of it, due to poor lighting issues. I grabbed a few quick snapshots of her before displaying her. But her hair is what I like best--it's an interesting shade of blonde, with curls, braids and ribbon.
I think she will be my Cinderella. She would be perfect for the part. She's what I imagine Cinderella looks like. I'll add her to my fairy tale display!