Sydney Chase Ultimate Basic™ - Bearzabout Exclusive

by Alison Rasmussen

The newest ball-jointed doll from Robert Tonner has arrived--and it's our long-awaited friend, Miss Sydney Chase. She features the same 11 standard joints and 3 ball joint, like the previous Ultimate Basics™ dolls, and is made with from hand-finished luminescent resin. She has interchangeable eyes and hand-painted face paint. She includes blue eyes, and three wigs.
Previewed in these gorgeous production shots, you can see a few of the Tyler Wentworth Ensembles from the Fall/Holiday 2008 Mainline Boutique Collection. Sydney actually will come wearing the shorter, brighter red wig and a white teddy and shoes.
She's also only available through, and she's a limited edition of just 100 dolls. Sydney is one of my favorite sculpts, and I have to say--this BJD version of her is truly magnificent!
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.