New Sydneys

by Alison Rasmussen

I'm thrilled to announce the arrival of several new Sydneys to my collection. I'm surprised at some of the variety, even within the same sculpt.

First, Opening Night Sydney, an Ebay find. I had to steam her dress and shawl, and I washed out the goop in her hair before displaying her. She's gorgeous.

Next, Sydney Panache, a rooted short haired doll, whom I found nude from The Doll Peddlar. She was a steal, and in great condition. I still need to find a decent outfit for her: I just threw on an outfit I had lying around so she would be decent for photos.

Finally, I added Sydney on the Rocks to my collection. She's a limited edition doll, exclusive available through Chelsea's Collector Cottage in Australia. She was listed on sale for just $59.95 (shipping is pretty pricey, though--so buyer beware!) last week. I think she may be my new favorite doll. Her face is rounder than the other Sydney dolls I have, and her skin is very pale. I love her outfit and her dress, though I broke her earrings trying to put them in, and I will need to restring them.