2008 Tonner convention dolls available now!

by Alison Rasmussen

There were apparently a few extra dolls leftover from convention, available as of noon EST today from Tonner Direct. Get these gorgeous dolls while you can--at very good prices. The cocktail dress here is listed at just $20, shown on Ultra Basic Ava, listed separately for $49.99.

I've seen the Blue Fairy doll sell for $200-275 from Ebay, and Dreams for $200-250--as opposed to the $150 retail listed on the Tonner site now. Plus you don't have to worry about smoke damage or shipping when you buy from Tonner directly.

Again, I should state I am not a retailer--I'm a private collector--nor do I sell any products manufactured by Tonner Doll Company. I am using these copyrighted images as a fan, per the image use clause listed on the Tonner Doll website.
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.