Getting stale smoke odor out of dolls

by Alison Rasmussen

I recently got a great deal on a Tiny Kitty doll from Ebay. Imagine my surprise when the doll arrived reeking of smoke. This was my second purchase for my daughters’ doll collection, and I was disappointed. My mistake for specifically not looking for a listing that stated “from a smoke-free home.”
I tried washing the doll and clothing, stripping off the clothing with mild soap and soaking in liquid fabric softener. I also left the doll outside to dry and air out. But by the evening, the smoke odor was still obvious. I emailed The Tonner Company’s doll hospital with a request for help, and I received a response this morning.
First, Noreen suggested I throw away the box and tissue. The paper and cardboard do nothing but absorb the smell. Second, she suggested standing the doll inside of a large plastic bag and putting a box of baking soda in the bag along with her. After a few days, the baking soda will help absorb the cigarette smoke smell. Next, let the doll air out on a breezy day for the whole day. Finally, stand her up in a new plastic bag with a Bounce dryer sheet for a day.
I’m on day one with the baking soda. I’ll post updates on this blog.