Integrity Toys NU.Face release - WOW!

by Alison Rasmussen in

Integrity Toys has knocked it out of the park with the release of Reckless, its latest NU. Face collection. The dolls are priced at $140 each (retail), and many are already sold out from dealers.

She Owns Everything Erin S. Dressed Doll (available to preorder at full price from Cheryl's Dolls, and also check Cherished Friends, and Doll Peddlar.)
Limited Edition of 700
Estimated delivery date -- Early Spring 2017

I Slay Nadja R. Dressed Doll (check ML's Dolls for availability)
Limited Edition of 600
Estimated delivery date -- Early Spring 2017

Mad Love Rayna Dressed Doll
Limited Edition of 500
Estimated delivery date -- Early Spring 2017

Total Betty Ayumi N. Dressed Doll (Marl has her for a $50 pre-order, Cherished Friends and ML's Dolls, Pat's Potpourri, Susan's Dolls, MFD (Canada) and Doll Peddlar have her marked as available, and check Couture Dolls later at noon CT December 6.)
Limited Edition of 600
Estimated delivery date -- Early Spring 2017

AKA Gigi Giselle Diefendorf Dressed Doll
Limited Edition of 800
Estimated delivery date -- Early Spring 2017

Dealers that did not have these dolls listed (at the time of this post) are Treasure Dolls, AMC Collection,  John Robert CollectiblesEtc. And AgainFantastic PlasticGigi's Dolls & Sherry's Teddy BearsHappily Ever After, Marsha's Dollhouse, Nice Twice Doll Shop, and Pat and Billy. If you're dying for one of these dolls, send them an email--some dealers don't do preorders, and will sell the dolls once they come in.

I couldn't get the website for Fabric Friends and Dolls to load at the time of this post, but Iris is really good about returning email, or try her on Facebook.

Cheryl's Dolls asks to email them for availability for Ayumi, Erin and Giselle. BG's Dollhouse also requests email for availability. 

Joe's List has only Ayumi listed (and she is sold out), but you could email and ask if he plans to order the rest of the collection.

Also, check Integrity's website for their authorized dealers. And do comparison shopping. Sometimes it's worth it to pay for the doll up front (in full) to save on shipping. There are dealers outside the US and Canada as well, so be sure to contact them.

Last but not least, of course there's a right-to-buy W Club lottery club exclusive doll as well. She will not be offered by dealers--and she's my favorite of the collection.

Trouble Eden Dressed Doll
Approximate Ship Date: Early Spring 2017
Limited Edition Size: 700 Dolls Only
Suggested Retail Price: $140.00
***IT Direct / W Club exclusive*** 
Right-To-Buy lottery details coming approximately Spring 2017
Lottery will be open to 2017 W Club members in priority
Not Sold through dealers