Payment and Shipping information

Age requirement

Please note that the items I sell on this page are intended for adult collectors. I know there are many young people in the hobby, but I require that collectors under the age of 13 ask a parent or guardian to make their purchases. By using this site, you are agreeing to these terms.

Independent sales rep

I am an independent sales representative with CODENOiR. I do not speak for CODENOiR, nor do they agree with what has been said on this website. I have permission to sell their products, list items for sale on this page and in person, and recruit new dealers to resale products. I do not manufacture the products, but I can assist with defects or item returns. Feel free to contact the company here directly. I am doing business in the state of California under the name of Fashion Doll Review.

Payment methods

Currently, my store is set up to take any credit or debit cards using Square's secure processing system. You can read about Square here.

If you would like to use Paypal, or send me a check or money order, you may use the Preorder form, and I am happy to invoice you. Please note that I will not ship your items until your personal check has cleared.

It is against the law as well as most credit card processors' terms and service agreements to charge buyers fees for using their services, so I cover all processing fees.

Sales Tax

Because my business is located in the state of California, I am required to remit sales tax on orders shipping within the state. Additionally, I must collect and remit sales tax (to the state in which the sale took place) when I sell items at shows or doll parties.

In Stock Items

You will find all in-stock items listed on/linked to this page. Items listed here are either in stock or currently being shipped to me by CODENOiR. It's best to order in-stock items separately from preordered items, but you're welcome to combine orders. Combined orders may have to wait some time for the preordered items to arrive.

Preorder items

All items listed on CODENOiR's main site are available to order, even ones not listed in my store. These items may come to you as:

  1. part of a group order, shipped first to me with my monthly shipment and then shipped to you (this saves shipping costs), or  
  2. a drop-shipment, directly from CODENOiR, if I have already placed my orders for the month.

I will be sure to notify you on which options are available. To order, use the Preorder form.

Limited edition items

It may happen that a limited edition item listed on my website as "in stock inHong Kong" sells out at CODENOiR before I get a chance to change its status. I don't expect this to happen frequently, but if it does, your money will be refunded as soon as I find out. I am trying to work out a system for preorders and limited edition items that will take CODENOiR stock into consideration without lead time, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. Please be patient while I work it out.

Shipping Costs

US shipping is a flat rate of $5. I pick up the shipping costs from CODENOiR to me. I'm trying flat rate shipping on a temporary basis to see if I can still make a profit. If I can, I'd like to keep prices to you as low as possible--as I am trying to keep these "black label designer fashions" as affordable as I can.

Picking up your order 

If you are local to the San Diego area, you are welcome to pick up your order. Use the Contact form and let me know you'd like to pick it up, or make a note upon check out. I currently work from home and my hours are flexible. I live in east county close to Grossmont College.

Sizing information

CODENOiR has provided some handy sizing information on many of their outfits. If you're local to the San Diego area, use the Contact form and let me know when you are available to stop by for a dolly try-on day. As soon as outfits come in, I plan to do some try-ons of my own, and I will make notes on which dolls fit which outfits, and also try to provide measurements on them as well.


I'm an avid BJD fan myself, and as a matter of fact, I do accept trades. I collect mostly large girl dolls. I am currently interested in kimonos, hanfu, hanbok, ancient Chinese outfits--both high quality handmade items as well as company-made items. Please check out my current wish list of items in this gallery. My requirements are that your items are from a non-smoking environment (pets are fine--I'm just sensitive to smoke), and while the outfits don't have to be in perfect condition or complete, that may influence what I will accept in trade. Also I would prefer to see photos if your item isn't new. I'm open to partial trades as well, but the amount I am able to fork out may depend on my current cash flow. I may be interested in a few other items, and I will try to update my gallery as I can. If you have something else for trade you think I might like, feel free to ask.

Why CODENOiR may look familiar

Yes, it's true. Many of the designers, including the head designer and manager of CODENOiR did indeed work for another popular BJD clothing manufacturer until 2014. The CEO was the subject of a hostile takeover and was asked to leave the other company, and made a difficult decision to start over. He wasn't permitted to take any original designs when he left, but several designers went along with him. That's why you may see familiar, amazing quality at CODENOiR that may be in a nostalgic style from the past. I'm really happy to be a part of this fantastic company, and thrilled to support this amazing group of artists. The outfits--in person--are so much more detailed than photos show. I am so excited to show them to you in person, which is the reason I signed up as a sales rep.

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