Steffie of the Day: City Shine Barbie Look - Gold Dress

by Alison Rasmussen in

City Shine Barbie Look - Steffie

The latest Bill Greening Steffie is really a cutie, and I'm relieved to see a new Steffie in Mattel's 2014 line-up--just barely, as she hasn't reached shelves on the west coast yet. She is for sale for $19.95 on

Barbie Collector

, or perhaps a little more from your favorite Barbie dealer. (I used my quarterly discount toward my purchase!)

She has rooted lashes, brown eyes, and the LA Tan skin tone. I think the combination is quite pretty with her hair. I can't wait to take her out of the box and restyle her.

Also, her dress is not quite as bad as I was expecting. I have to confess, glitter isn't really my thing, and this is a


glittery dress. The good news is that it doesn't look like the glitter will just flake off over everything--like that saying about glitter goes. And the structured style is pretty modern. It's better than lamé would have been, I think.

Her plastic jewelry isn't too bad, either--considering it's plastic. She uses a Model Muse body, of course--super slim, not very posable, etc.--but her skin tone looks very close to several Liv body donors, I think (just for you Frankensteins among my dear readers). I think she'd be a great candidate for a hybrid!

You can see a few more boxed photos on


. I'll hopefully be taking her out of the box soon.