Save me from myself and the news!

by Alison Rasmussen

Sweet Victory Natalia by alington
Sweet Victory Natalia, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Just kidding. I've posted an updated list of dolls-for-sale on my DollPage Show & Sell site (have I mentioned how great that site is today?), and I've lowered a few prices (including on Loni and Anja, since I'm dying to keep one).

Seriously, people. Take Natalia, Kyori, and Adele off my hands--quickly. I've deboxed by Vanessa and Vero this morning. It was awesome! I have to stop, LOL!

I think I'm on to Dasha next... Someone stop me before the news shows up at my door. (My goodness, how do NRFB-ers live? I could never do it!) I can see the headline:

Mother of Four Smothered to Death by Doll Boxes