Alices in Wonderland

by Alison Rasmussen

Alices in Wonderland, originally uploaded by alington.
So, you know how I've been telling you all I'm tired of Alice in Wonderland-themed dolls? Well, maybe just one more photo. My DollHeart order arrived from Boutique Doll a few days ago. The Pink Alice set actually belongs to a friend, but she let me borrow it for Briana for a day, just to try it out.

From the left: Dollzone Morphoa is modeling the Queen of Hearts and a new wig, Peak's Woods tan Briana is in Pink Alice (wig and boots included), normal skin Segi is in the Duchess and DollHeart wig, and Yeru is in Blue Alice, wig and boots included.

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Oh yes. And it turns out, those silver things on the boots are indeed snaps. Thanks, Melissa! Now it won't take me 20 minutes to get those boots on or off. (I'm so embarrassed.)