Amy in Dreams of Tomorrow

by Alison Rasmussen

Amy in DeeAnna, originally uploaded by alington.
My SoulKid Amy (white skin MSD-sized Soul Doll) is modeling her newest outfit, Dreams of Tomorrow, created for DeeAnna Denton (Tonner Doll Company). The outfit is last season's line, and was on sale for half-off at Cherished Friends.

It's a two-piece night-gown ensemble--in this photo, Amy is modeling just the nightie, which shows off her slender waist. The DeeAnna clothing line has a rich, 1950s-era glamorous feel; and with the lace trim and pleating, this outfit is no exception. I'm very pleased. I love how the aqua color highlights Amy's factory face-up, her new Glib (Ice Tea) acrylic eyes and red (Monique Gold Pretty Girl) hair.

The house coat is full length and ties in front. It's adorable. You can see photos of it (and more) on my Picasa album or my Flickr photostream. Enjoy your weekend!