The Hardy Girls

by Alison Rasmussen

The Hardy Girls, originally uploaded by alington.

My Michele Hardy collection on display together: I bought most outfits individually, one on a complete doll. Some of the wigs are by Michelle as well. From the back to the front:

  • Peak's Woods Sky with white skin (wig also by Michele) - her shepherdess outfit was inspired by Alice in Wonderland
  • Goodreau Whisper (in Roxie wig by Monique Gold) in an Alice in Wonderland outfit
And the front row of Berdine Creedy girls:
  • Mod Alice (Uniti sculpt) - outfit and wig by Michele
  • Destini (with smiling faceplate and stock JRock wig by Monique Gold) - shepherdess outfit by Michele
  • Harmoni (wig by Michele) - exclusive set Precious in Pink to Sweetheart's Dolls