True Royalty Vanessa

by Alison Rasmussen

The latest diva to barge into my collection is Vanessa Perrin, dressed in True Royalty. I bought her used--and not the complete set. She included only the gown shown, shoes, chocker and ship-shape hairpin. Her hair has been relaxed and taken down from her original updo as well, and I still think she is stunning.

This doll actually came from Cliff in Hong Kong--he's a user on Prego who I can highly recommend. Check out his Doll Page--he's got tons of great hard-to-find items. And he's just great. Prices are more than reasonable--and, fluke or not, my True Royalty doll arrived in only one week (instead of the quoted two weeks).

Be sure to check out her full photoshoot on my Flickr gallery--I've been practicing with the macro lens and the light tent. I've used the black velvet background and two remote flashes, which gives a fun effect on these photos.